Canning’s free range butchers

A true local gem bringing back real food to its former glory.

Canning’s free range butchers website

Jonseys Dairy

Producing milk of the highest quality in a sustainable manner.

Jonseys Dairy Website

Phillipas Bakery

Committed to using traditional production methods and producing unrivalled preserves.

Phillipas Bakery Website

Daylesford & Hepburn springs

Producing beautiful beverages with a focus on sustainability, food security and investing in local community.

Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Website

Planet cup

Cups made using forest- friendly paper and from biodegradable plant-derived material

.Planet Cup Website


Their goal is to influence change by promoting packaging made from annually renewable resources.

BioPak Website

Emma and Tom’s

Producing whole fruit smoothies that retain the true flavour and natural goodness of the original.

Emma and Tom’s Website

Miss Ladybird Cakes

Miss Ladybird Cakes produce stunning homemade style desserts and treats made with love and care, a touch of imagination and a pinch of nostalgia.

Miss Ladybird Cakes Website

Ville Verde Eggs

Ready to crack, free range eggs from happy chooks in country Victoria.

Calendar Cheese

Showcasing cheeses from around the globe – our choice is the best of Victoria

Calendar Cheese Website


Locally grown and of the highest quality, it’s the perfect blend for your coffee.

Vitasoy Website

Spade & Barrow

Committed to supporting local farmers and reducing waste, they supply food as nature intended.

Spade & Barrow Website

Peter Bouchier: Butchers of Distinction

From a long-standing tradition, this iconic family of butchers offer quality smallgoods with a big distinction.

Peter Bouchier Website

Game keepers Meat & Game

Meat & game specialists in Melbourne who source meat from local reputable producers focusing on sustainable practices.

Game Keepers Meats Website

Dr Marty’s Crumpets

Based in Richmond, Dr Marty makes his tasty treasures using handmade using organic flour.

Dr Marty’s Crumpets Website

Espresso Syndicate Coffee

Espresso Syndicate is based in Clark Street Richmond and has become a popular Melbourne brand with a focus on sustainability.

Espresso Syndicate Coffee (Clark Street Roasters) Website